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Protecting your land:

  1. Use the/kit en or/rp tutorial
  2. Use the fences around the area of your terrain forming a square or rectangle. May not have holes or curves on the sides.
  3. Put a sign on the fence says, in the first row [rp].
  4. In the second line put: NomeDoTerreno (optional)
  5. In lines 3 and 4 place the names of who you want to allow live on the ground, as friends or helpers.
  6. Use the role of/kit en down to check if everything is properly protected


PR Flags:

The flag is used to define what visitors can and what you can't, and the commands should be given within the ground.


Changing the Flags:

Use/rp flag or/rp panel to open a visual Panel to change the flags.


Add/Remove friends the plot:

  • /rp am [player]-Adds as a Member
  • /rp rm [player]-Removes as a Member
  • aa/rp [player]-Add as an administrator
  • /rp ra [player]-Removes as administrator
  • /rp al [player]-Add as owner
  • /rp rl [player]-Removes as owner


Other commands:

  • /rp limit-see the block limit that you can still protect;
  • claimlimit/rp-View the limits of RPs that can still do;
  • /rp list-Your RPs;
  • /rp delete-Deletes your region (where are you);
  • /rp info-Get information of the region that you are;
  • /rp wel <msg>/off/hide-Arrow a welcome message, make the default message on or off;</msg>
  • /rp rename <novo nome="">-Renames your RP;</novo>


 Video Tutorial of how to protect and change the Flags: